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ELI is a Human Resources Development agency, focusing on evaluation of personnel, people development and behavioural change. We specialise in People & Performance Growth, Productivity, Leadership & Management Development, Technical Skills Development, Scholarship & Learnership Programs, and Agricultural Regulatory (Compliance) Training. 

We work with your business to establish your needs and can recommend a multi-dimensional programme. See below for some of the training, qualifications and development solutions that can be incorporated into your plan. 

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Why Choose us?

ELI offers several people development (training and development) services to businesses, as seen below. Contact us to discuss your business' people development needs.

Staff Evaluation & Assessment

Potential and Leadership Assessment, Workplace Skills Plan, Employment Equity Plan, Organisational Climate Study.

Behaviour Change (Life Skills)

Self-management, Basic Business Principles, Cross-cultural Communication, Stress & Conflict Handling, Bright Star Self and Bright Star Team and Bright Star Lead, Money Management, Think or Sink.

Leadership Development

Assertive Leadership, Basic Principles of Team Leadership, Leadership Coaching.

Management Development

Active Management, Team Building, Conducting a Disciplinary Hearing, Cross-cultural Communication for Managers.

Agricultural Regulatory Training

Basic Irrigation, Tractor Operating & Maintenance, Handling of AGRO Chemicals, Sprayer Operator, Advanced Sprayer Operator, Picking & Sorting, Health & Safety, Basic Food Safety Principles 


MS Office training for improved organisational process flow and productivity for all staff levels. 


As part of your overall solution, we offer accredited qualifications in conjunction our sister company, Exodus Agri Academy. Click here to visit their website to learn more about the qualifications on offer, from entry level NQF1 qualifications to NQF5 Senior Production Manager. 

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