ELI is an Enterprise Development Specialist developing people and businesses into supply chains for corporate processors, government programmes and corporate social investment clients. We specialise in Business Analysis & Development, Turnaround Consulting, Projects Development & Implementation, Entrepreneurship, SMME Incubation, and Family & Commercial Business Consulting.


Why Choose us?

ELI has an extensive track-record in undertaking and completing enterprise development projects and programs, as seen below.

Sakhesizwe Livestock project

SMME development project with 80 SMME's in the Eastern Cape.

Dept. Rural Development & Land Reform

Strategically Partnered Projects in the Central Karoo, 6 farming businesses developed.

Castor Bean Value Chain

Development of supply chains in South Africa and Mozambique.

Linseed Oil Value chain

Development of linseed production and processing chain in South Africa.

Raisin Farmer Incubator

Development of 55 raisin production SMME’s in the Northern Cape.

Pig Farmer Incubator

Development of 8 piggery SMME’s in the Western Cape. Read more.

Aquaculture Business Development

Development of an aquaculture training center and business in the Western Cape.


Water-wise and space-efficient green feed developments in the Northern Cape. Read more.


Development of 90 beekeepers in the Northern Cape. Read more.

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