~ noun
A formal statement testifying to someone’s character and qualifications.

My business has excelled to the next level. I could not have done it without the comprehensive support ELI provided me.

Mr. Faan Hanse

The program assisted me in all I needed to grow to become profitable in my piggery and pig marketing operations.

Mr Ernie Hendriks

Over the past years, we have built a good relationship with ELI who has provided training and consulting services for our needs. The training we received was custom programs that addressed our unique needs. To want quality people in your business with their unique needs requires a service provider to know the culture of our farm as well as build trust with the people. Facilitators certainly succeed in their tasks and have the confidence of people at ground level as well as management. The development of our people is a continuous process and we look forward to leading the way with ELI.

Mr. Timo Le Roux

The Boesmansrug Farm Trust has been making use of the services of ELI for staff training for many years. We have always experienced value in the training of our staff that we have received that has helped our business move forward with the development of our people. Facilitators are always keen to understand the current requirements of the business and recommend relevant training to the goals that the business is trying to achieve. We can recommend ELI and their team to any business looking to upskill and develop their staff.

Ken Kilpin

Our family and in particular the younger members are motivated now that the processes around how we as family business takes decisions, and plan our succession. We can now grow to the next level whilst each family member knows how they fit into the future.

Janet Legemaat

You helped us to create harmony in our family business. We are now growing exponentially.

Nico vd Merwe